Thursday, August 20, 2009

FancyGene: dynamic visualization of gene structures and protein domain architectures on genomic loci -- Rambaldi and Ciccarelli 25 (17): 2281 -- Bioinformatics

Summary: FancyGene is a fast and user-friendly web-based tool for producing images of one or more genes directly on the corresponding genomic locus. Starting from a variety of input formats, FancyGene rebuilds the basic components of a gene (UTRs, intron, exons). Once the initial representation is obtained, the user can superimpose additional features—such as protein domains and/or a variety of biological markers—in specific positions. FancyGene is extremely flexible allowing the user to change the resulting image dynamically, modifying colors and shapes and adding and/or removing objects. The output images are generated either in portable network graphics (PNG) or portable document format (PDF) formats and can be used for scientific presentations as well as for publications. The PDF format preserves editing capabilities, allowing picture modification using any vector graphics editor.


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