Saturday, December 12, 2009

ABWGAT: anchor-based whole genome analysis tool

Summary: Large numbers of genomes are being sequenced regularly and the rate will go up in future due to availability of new genome sequencing techniques. In order to understand genotype to phenotype relationships, it is necessary to identify sequence variations at the genomic level. Alignment of a pair of genomes and parsing the alignment data is an accepted approach for identification of variations. Though there are a number of tools available for whole-genome alignment, none of these allows automatic parsing of the alignment and identification of different kinds of genomic variants with high degree of sensitivity. Here we present a simple web-based interface for whole genome comparison named ABWGAT (Anchor-Based Whole Genome Analysis Tool) that is simple to use. The output is a list of variations such as SNVs, indels, repeat expansion and inversion.

Availability: The web server is freely available to non-commercial users at the following address Supplementary data are available at using job id 524, 526 and 528.


(source URL, Via Bioinformatics - current issue.)