Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WAVe | Web Analysis of the Variome

WAVe | Web Analysis of the Variome is a web-based application developed to overcome a severe lacking of integration applications related to the Human Variome.
WAVe was born with the main purpose of integrating locus specific databases and gathering available genomic variants in a single working environment.
WAVe's goals and requirements are directly connected with the European GEN2PHEN Project.

Following DiseaseCard's successful approach to data integration, WAVe presents essential gene-related information in a simple tree (just like the ones you are used to in your operating system!).
WAVe's gene tree combines information gathered from available locus specific databases with the most relevant gene-related data available.

Current WAVe build has 1390 genes available and has gathered nearly 78k coding sequence variants (only variants described in the HGVS format are considered).
DMD is the gene with more unique variants available, reaching almost 2500 distinct variants.

WAVe was developed at the University of Aveiro's Bioinformatics Group.
This work is being funded by the EC (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement 200754 (project GEN2PHEN).

DataSources (today)
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Tutorial at OpenHelix

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