Sunday, October 17, 2010

Their genomes, unzipped

So. the bloggers at Genomes UnZipped (we blogged about before), have entered a new stage. They’ve decided to expose themselves. In the spirit of open source taken personally, they are unzipping their own genomes and posting their genomic information online for everyone to see. You can begin to view that data on their genome browser (using JBrowse- tip of the week for Jbrowse here).

Why are they doing it?

As we discussed the notion of a group of experts analysing their own genomes, one thing rapidly became clear: for maximum public benefit the analyses had to be open and reproducible, and that meant making the underlying data public. In other words, for this to work, members of the group had to be ready to spill their genetic secrets to the world.

Genomes Unzipped has turned into a great resource for understanding personal genomics. This move should be interesting

Forgive the image, I just couldn’t help myself :-) , but I’m not the only doing it. Check out Razib’s link below :D . Oh, and an aside… genomes unzipped lead to an … open helix :D .

(more: Razib Khan’s take here - and hat tip)

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