Sunday, June 26, 2011

Unable to install SIFT on MacOSX - BioStar

Unable to install SIFT on MacOSX - BioStar:

Hi Daniel,

This is Pauline Ng, original author of SIFT. We have installed SIFT on the Amazon Cloud, so if you are having problems installing it, then you can start an instance of it on Amazon Web Services, with SIFT pre-installed. Instructions are here:

Right now, we are supporting the sequence submission and BLink submission, as those are the programs that people have the most problem with for installation. (Using the pre-computed databases are simple perlscripts with sql queries that you shouldn't have any problems with.)

You will have to pay 34 cents per hour to Amazon to use it (the instructions have a link to pricing).



(Via BioStar original Post.)