Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fwd: Comprehensive comparison of three commercial human whole-exome capture platforms

Comprehensive comparison of three commercial human whole-exome capture platforms: Background:
Exome sequencing, which allows the global analyses of protein coding sequences in the human genome, has become an effective and affordable approach to detecting causative genetic mutations in diseases. Currently, there are several commercial human exome capture platforms; however, the relative performances of these have not been characterized sufficiently to know which is best for a particular study.
We comprehensively compared three platforms: NimbleGen's Sequence Capture Array and SeqCap EZ, and Agilent's SureSelect. We assessed their performance in a variety of ways, including number of genes covered and capture efficacy. Differences that may impact on the choice of platform were that Agilent Sureselect covered approximately 1,100 more genes, while NimbleGen provided better flanking sequencing capture. Although all three platforms achieved similar capture specificity of targeted regions, the NimbleGen platforms showed better uniformity of coverage and greater genotype sensitivity at 30-100 folds sequencing depth. All three platforms showed similar power in exome SNP calling, including medically-relevant SNPs. Compared with genotyping and whole-genome sequencing data, the three platforms achieved a similar accuracy of genotype assignment and SNP detection. Importantly, all three platforms showed similar levels of reproducibility, GC bias and reference allele bias.
We demonstrated key differences between the three platforms, particularly advantages of solutions over array capture and the importance of a large gene target set.

(Via Genome Biology - Latest Articles.)