Friday, November 11, 2011

new start!

Dear readers,

As you may have noticed, the previous life of this 'sharing platform' has been shut down.
I had made the mistake to mix hobby and work and my format was not right.

This new blog is absolutely identical to the former in purpose which is to share what I discover on the web and believe can be useful for others biologists.

I do not actually 'write' on this blog as many others do because I do not have something interesting enough to share (except in this post). Instead, I select and forward 'pearls' I find elsewhere so that more people get the chance to see them and decide if they are also interested.

Some few people have complained about this being 'plagiarism'. I understand their point as 'They' do indeed spend time writing the text on their original page while I simply forward it. The hick is that I am absolutely not taking any honors for what I am doing here and am not even distantly interested is such thing as honors. I always duly quote all my posts and you will find the original source in the footer.

To make this even more clear, I adapted my new template to put the forwarder text between lines as shown here:

Fwd: please follow footer link

title of the original post: Bla bla bla

(Original Post: link to the original post.)

I did not find an easy way to back-modify my old posts to reflect this changes but I did edit the latest ones.

In the future, I will stop forwarding full text from other's blogs as this is the most delicate content type and will only provide the post title and link instead. By contrast, I will continue forwarding article abstracts and web-sites proposing software download (I hope this will not AGAIN raise an issue !).

If this last attempt raises again reactions among some readers, I will have to simply stop this activity and would be very sad about it as I really like to share these goodies I find here and there.

If you belong to the group of unhappy readers, You are welcome to react to this message by emailing me at stephane.plaisance(at)

Thanks for your attention!