Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fwd: GRAIL: Gene Relationhips Across Implicated Loci

I found this resource as well as 2 other links by reading a post at BioSTAR (link)
I think this approach could bring very interesting results when users are lucky enough to have candidate SNPs derived from trusted data (did not have a chance to try this myself yet but wanted to share the links - please read the full post).

other links:

* MarkerInfoFinder

* hugenavigator

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GRAIL: Gene Relationhips Across Implicated Loci: GRAIL: Gene Relationships Across Implicated Loci
GRAIL is a tool to examine relationships between genes in different disease associated loci. Given several genomic regions or SNPs associated with a particular phenotype or disease, GRAIL looks for similarities in the published scientific text among the associated genes.

As input, users can upload either (1) SNPs that have emerged from a genome-wide association study or (2) genomic regions that have emerged from a linkage scan or are associated common or rare copy number variants. SNPs should be listed according to their rs#'s and must be listed in HapMap. Genomic Regions are specified by a user-defined identifier, the chromosome that it is located on, and the start and end base-pair positions for the region.

(Original Post: Grail Home-page.)