Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fwd: ANNOVAR website News

Hot news from the makers, something even bigger (ANNOVAR++) is on the make...
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* 2011Dec20: Whole-exome GERP++ scores can be downloaded and annotated by ANNOVAR now for both hg18/hg19. Additionally, allele frequency data for the 5400 exomes from NHLBI (for European Americans, African Americans and all ethnicity) can be downloded and annotated by ANNOVAR now for both hg18/hg19. There may be bugs!!! Use with caution!!! Read here for details.

* 2011Dec20: A new generation of variants annotator called ANNOVAR++ is being developed and will be tested by certain avid users. Most known limitations in ANNOVAR will be solved by using this fundamentally new framework for annotation. Users will be able to specify your own customized workflow (summarize_annovar, auto_annovar, index_annovar, etc) in the future.

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