Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fwd: OMIM tracks removed from UCSC table Database (hg18..)

But apparenbtly similar files can be obtained from OMIM themselves (after filling request!), please read below.
Fwd: please follow footer link

Hello, Jorge,

Thanks for your kind words about our parsing of OMIM data.

Our agreement with OMIM does not include allowing our users
to download their content from the ucsc site, so we no longer
allow access to OMIM data via download. We are working with
OMIM to make the tables we have created available to users via
the OMIM site. Please contact OMIM directly (via
about gaining access to the data. We hope to have our filtered
content back into their hands in a few weeks.

best wishes,

--b0b kuhn
ucsc genome bioinformatics group

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OMIM Download Request: The following files are updated nightly and available for FTP downloads:

File name File Description

* omim.txt.Z   A compressed file of OMIM.

* genemap   A field-delimited file containing OMIM's Synopsis of the Human Gene Map. This includes the morbid map information sorted by chromosome location. A description of the fields in the file is located in genemap.key.

* morbidmap   A field-delimited file of OMIM's Synopsis of the Human Gene Map (same as genemap above) sorted alphabetically by disorder. A description of the fields in the file is located in genemap.key.

* genemap.key   A file describing the format of the genemap and the morbidmap files.

* mim2gene.txt   A field-delimited file linking MIM numbers to NCBI Gene IDs and HGNC Approved Gene Symbols.

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