Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fwd: new version of Kaviar available

version 120419 released, new format, more data

I posted today a developmental version of Kaviar (120419).
This is a much revised version of the Kaviar code, now based on tabix.
Kaviar now knows about indels and structural variations, though these are
not yet exposed through the web interface. The json output option is
temporarily disabled (for the new version - it is still available for
version 111121).

The data set is also significantly expanded, with some additional whole
(e.g. Mike Snyder's) and lots of exome data from the NHLBI Exome
Sequencing Project. This is a very significant contribution: the allele
frequencies in the exome are now of very high quality

Feedback and bug reports are most welcome.
-- Gustavo

(Original Post: Gustavo Glusman Apr 20 05:53PM -0700.)