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Fwd: TopHat 2.0.6 release 11/02/2012

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TopHat 2.0.6 release 11/02/2012

Version 2.0.6 is a maintenance release addressing some issues found in the 2.0.5 release:

* corrected the indel finding algorithm that caused segmentation fault in certain cases (long_spanning_reads and tophat_reports)

* fixed the Bowtie version checking code, adding support for newer, non-beta Bowtie2 versions

* several minor fixes in the fusion alignment algorithm

* fixed an incompatibility issue with Python versions older than 2.6 (restoring Python 2.4 compatibility)

* fixed and improved the resuming option (-R/--resume) to better handle various failure/resume situations

* added a warning about Bowtie1 and Bowtie2 index files in the same directory (causing trouble if they were built for different genomic sequences)

(Original Post: bowtie-bio-announce.)