Friday, March 22, 2013

Fwd: Genotyping 1000 yeast strains by next-generation sequencing

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Up to 384 whole-genome libraries can be prepared from yeast cells in one week using this method, for less than 15 euros per sample. We demonstrate the robustness of this protocol by sequencing over 1000 yeast genomes at ~30x coverage. The sequence information from 768 yeast segregants derived from two divergent S. cerevisiae strains was used to generate a meiotic recombination map at unprecedented resolution. Comparisons to other datasets indicate a high conservation of recombination at a chromosome-wide scale, but differences at the local scale. Additionally, we detected a high degree of aneuploidy (3.6%) by examining the sequencing coverage in these segregants. Differences in allele frequency allowed us to attribute instances of aneuploidy to gains of chromosomes during meiosis or mitosis, both of which showed a strong tendency to missegregate specific chromosomes.

Genotyping 1000 yeast strains by next-generation sequencing: "Stefan Wilkening, Manu M Tekkedil, Gen Lin, Emilie S Fritsch, Wu Wei, Julien Gagneur, David W Lazinski, Andrew Camilli, Lars M Steinmetz
BMC Genomics 2013, 14:90 (9 February 2013)"

(Via BMC Genomics most viewed.)