Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fwd: miRmap web: comprehensive microRNA target prediction online

Several filters can be applied to reduce hits to a more likely subset!
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miRmap web: comprehensive microRNA target prediction online: "

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) posttranscriptionally repress the expression of protein-coding genes. Based on the partial complementarity between miRNA and messenger RNA pairs with a mandatory so-called ‘seed’ sequence, many thousands of potential targets can be identified. Our open-source software library, miRmap, ranks these potential targets with a biologically meaningful criterion, the repression strength. MiRmap combines thermodynamic, evolutionary, probabilistic and sequence-based features, which cover features from TargetScan, PITA, PACMIT and miRanda. Our miRmap web application offers a user-friendly and feature-rich resource for browsing precomputed miRNA target predictions for model organisms, as well as for predicting and ranking targets for user-submitted sequences. MiRmap web integrates sorting, filtering and exporting of results from multiple queries, as well as providing programmatic access, and is available at http://mirmap.ezlab.org.


(Via NAR.)