Monday, September 30, 2013

Fwd;: [genome-announce] New custom tracks available for Zebrafish (danRer7) and Tetraodon (tetNig2)

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[genome-announce] New custom tracks available for Zebrafish (danRer7) and Tetraodon (tetNig2): "Good afternoon Zebrafish and Tetraodon fans!

We are pleased to announce a new set of public custom tracks now

available for zebrafish (danRer7) and tetraodon (tetNig2). These tracks

include CAGE transcription start site information for multiple

developmental stages for both genomes, plus H3K4me3 methylation and

RNAseq data for zebrafish. These custom tracks can be viewed in browser

sessions for zebrafish here

< it&hgS_otherUserName=CustomTracksUCSC&hgS_otherUserS essionName=danRer7_TranscriptionRegTracks2013 >

and for tetraodon here

< it&hgS_otherUserName=CustomTracksUCSC&hgS_otherUserS essionName=tetNig2_Transcription_Reg_Tracks_2013 >.

We would like to thank Chirag Nepal et al. for submitting these data

sets. For more information on these tracks please refer to their

respective sections on the public custom tracks page

< ml>.

Matthew Speir

UCSC Genome Bioinformatics Group


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