Tuesday, March 11, 2014

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More control on mate info and buffering

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picard - Browse /picard-tools/1.109 at SourceForge.net: "Picard release 1.109
10 March 2014

- Add buffering for BAM file writing. By default this will be 128K. Buffer size can be controlled via -Dsamjdk.buffer_size=. Buffer size can be controlled programmatically via SAMFileWriterFactory.setBufferSize() method.

- Added MateCigar to SAMRecord as an optional Attribute ('MC')
- Given a SAMRecord that is part of a pair, the MateCigar attribute (MC) will contain the cigar string for that read's mate iff the mate is mapped.
- Added getters (for String and Cigar) to SAMRecord.
- Moved utility methods (getClippedAlignmentStart/End...) to SAMRecord and commonified with similar methods for the Read itself.
- Added validations to MateCigar (not present when inappropriate, matches the Mate's Cigar String).

- Added the command line tool RevertOriginalBaseQualitiesAndAddMateCigar
- meant to update a SAM/BAM to include the new Mate Cigar ('MC') optional tag.
- additionally, allows the user to optionally revert the original base qualities ('OQ' optional tag).
- will exit early with an INFO message if the SAM/BAM already has the 'MC' tag, and therefore would not need to be reverted.

- MergeBamAlignment, CleanSam, RevertOriginalBaseQualitiesAndAddMateCigar: Make sure that the mate CIGAR (MC) does not hang off the end of the reference. If it does, clip it, the same way we do with the record's CIGAR.

- SortSam, MergeBamAlignment: Adding logging to record progress while writing SAM records to disk when sorting.

- AbstractAsyncWriter.java: Handle case in which exception in writer thread is not detected because queuing thread is already blocking on full queue before exception occurs.

- SAMHeaderRecordComparator.java: Adding a checksum generation method for SAM RG records

(Via http://sourceforge.net/projects/picard/files/picard-tools/1.109/.)