Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fwd: LFQC: A lossless compression algorithm for FASTQ files

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LFQC: A lossless compression algorithm for FASTQ files: "

Motivation: Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies have revolutionized genomic research by reducing the cost of whole genome sequencing. One of the biggest challenges posed by modern sequencing technology is economic storage of NGS data. Storing raw data is infeasible because of its enormous size and high redundancy. In this paper we address the problem of storage and transmission of large fastq files using innovative compression techniques.

Results: We introduce a new lossless non-reference based fastq compression algorithm named LFQC. We have compared our algorithm with other state of the art big data compression algorithms namely gzip, bzip2, fastqz (Bonfield and Mahoney, 2013), fqzcomp (Bonfield and Mahoney, 2013), G-SQZ (Tembe, et al., 2010), SCALCE (Hach, et al., 2012), Quip (Jones, et al., 2012), DSRC (Deorowicz, et al., 2011), DSRC-LZ (Deorowicz, et al., 2011), etc. This comparison reveals that our algorithm achieves better compression ratios. The improvement obtained is up to 225%. For example, on one of the data sets (SRR065390 1), the average improvement (over all the algorithms compared) is 74.62%.

Availability: The implementations are freely available for non-commercial purposes. They can be downloaded from


(Via Bioinformatics - Advance Access.)